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Photographs of Sussex in the winter, inc. Rye and Baliffscourt Hotel

and cottages in the vicinity.

Sussex holiday cottages and photographs - click to go to first slide.

Farm scene in Winter near Turners Hill - West Sussex. There are impressive views from the centre of the village of Turners Hill to both the North and South Downs and on a clear day from the top of St Leonards Church tower one can see the English Channel in the distance.

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This page contains photographs taken during a visit to Sussex in late December 2008.

Located 1 hour's drive from London Sussex combines picturesque coast with countryside stretching inland dotted with villages waiting to be explored. To the East you will find the site of The Battle of Hastings, The Cinque Port and charming town of Rye, then midway along the coast Brighton with The Royal Pavilion so popular with visitors. To the West you will find Arundel dominated by the stunning Norman castle and Gothic cathedral, a quaint town with cobbled streets, tea rooms, restaurants, galleries and specialist shops. 


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More locations in our pages of towns and villages in these counties.

100's of Sussex Holiday Cottages for that perfect Holiday

If you're interested to understand the naming of the counties and regions better here's an interesting observation from Historical Atlas about three old Saxon names, Essex, Sussex, and Wessex (East, South and West).

After the Roman evacuation of Britain in the early fifth century began the Celtic inhabitants started to employ Germanic mercenaries to defend themselves. These later seized power and initiated a migration of Germanic peoples to Britain which would wipe out, displace or assimilate the Celtic population. The start of the Germanic invasion has traditionally been dated to AD 449 and it comprised mainly of three tribes, namely Saxons, Angles and Jutes. These tribes eventually formed several Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of which the more long-lasting, and thus more famous, were the so called Heptarchy. The oldest kingdom was Kent, where the Jutes settled (they also created a kingdom on the Isle of Wight which was conquered by Wessex). The Saxons are associated with three kingdoms called  Wessex (West Saxons), Sussex (South Saxons) and Essex (East Saxons). The Angles from whom England is named after are said to have formed the kingdoms of Mercia, East Anglia and Northumbria



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The Town of Rye
Perched on a hill, overlooking the River Rother and Romney Marsh, this ancient town is the sort of place you thought existed only in your imagination. 

Historic Mermaid Street

The Mermaid Hotel - Mermaid Street

Gated entrance

The Smuggler's Song

The Lounge in The Mermaid Hotel

Cottages in Sussex - Mermaid Street Rye Cottages in Sussex - Mermaid Hotel Rye Cottages in Sussex - Mermaid Hotel Rye Cottages in Sussex - Gated entrance in Rye Cottages in Sussex - The Smuggler's Song Rye Cottages in Sussex - The Lounge in The Mermaid Hotel, Rye
  The Mermaid Hotel - Mermaid Street Almost Bonsai    
  Cottages in Sussex - Corridor in The Mermaid Hotel, Rye Cottages in Sussex - Lounge in The Mermaid Hotel, Rye Cottages in Sussex - Picture of Pine Tree - almost bonsai - in the evening, Rye    

The family owned business - Rye Pottery Limited   Rye Pottery Cats Rye Pottery Mugs

The continuing collectability of Rye Pottery

Rye Pottery Ltd is a small family owned business making exquisite individual hand painted majolica decorated figures, animals and birds. The company continues a tradition of pottery making first established in Rye by itinerant potters in the 12th and 13th centuries.  The Cole family re-opened the pottery in 1947, and continues to run it today.

A visit to their website or to the shop in Rye will demonstrate why collectors around the world have collected Rye Pottery over the years.

Rye Pottery - famous Cat figures - in collections worldwide Rye Pottery - Coffee mugs - one personalised

Sussex Pig

Rye Pottery on display in the shop in Rye

Rye Pottery - highly collected Sussex Pig

Rye Pottery products

Rye Pottery products

Rye Pottery products

Rye Pottery figures from bygone eras

Rye Pottery products

Wood'NThings - just one of many unique shops you will find in Rye

At the Eastern end of High Street in Rye you will find a shop named Wood'NThings with Ray Jones behind the counter. There is something special about this shop on two counts. Not only does the shop stock an amazing array of Natural Wooden Sculptures, toys, and games, but you will also find Chris Vine behind another counter working on the miniatures he crafts representing armies of bygone ages.

Chris actually designs and builds the individual moulds, then casts and paints the figures. His standard replica soldiers include Scots Guards, Grenadier Guards, Welsh Guards, Gordon Highlanders, Queens Regiment, Royal Marines, and Zulu Warriors. These miniatures are replicated with an accuracy that is amazing. Not only has Chris been creating ready to sell pieces since 1970, but he will also design and build miniatures for specific requests. Collectors from around the world place orders with Chris for those difficult to get miniatures to round out their collections.
Please Note: These details may not be current today.

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Chris Vine at work

Death of Nelson 

Bespoke Soldiers 

Sample of range 

Wood'NThings - shop in Rye stocking an array of Natural Wooden Sculptures, games and toys WoodN'Things Rye Soldiers of Rye - Craftsman Chris Viner at work Soldiers of Rye - A collector's piece depicting The Death of Nelson Soldiers of Rye - Soldiers crafted accurately depicting actual scenes in history Soldiers of Rye - a selection of soldiers from bygone eras

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Baliffscourt Hotel and Resort Spa

Built in the 1920's by the late Sir Walter Guinness - a family retreat, and an architectural wonder. Original stone and wood work was gathered from all over England to make up the series of buildings that is Bailiffscourt. Gothic mullioned windows overlook the rose clad courtyard, whilst narrow passageways lead you through a series of intimate lounges and sitting rooms. Many of the public rooms feature open log fires, and a wealth of fine antiques, tapestries and abundance of fresh flowers throughout the hotel.

Climping Beach is a few minute walk away and for the sailing enthusiasts Littlehampton Marina, is just five minutes drive away and Chichester Harbour a 15 minute drive from the hotel.

Set in 30 acres of parkland, with moats and small streams, there is an abundance of wild life to be seen, all of which is closely guarded by our own peacocks.

Appearances can be deceptive. From the outside, Bailiffscourt is a classic manor house set in the lush fields behind Climping beach. But step through the door and you're transported to another world - one that mixes lovingly restored features with a relaxed contemporary feel.

Christmas at Baliffscourt is a time when guests are treated to a unique experience with exceptional service, food, wine and Christmas entertainment.  
Baliffscourt Historic Hotel - West Sussex - click to access website 

On boxing day December 2007 a falconry display was provided by one of the UK's leading falcon experts. With close to a dozen Owls, Falcons and other birds the husband and wife team unloaded their birds onto the grounds in front of the Hotel. These photographs provide some insight into the amazing display that lasted for and hour and a half. Unfortunately due to insufficient wind the display of the falcon flying was cut short because as you will see in the last two photographs below the falcon tries every which way to get airborne and when he finally did he crash landed into his perch after a brief flight. The are at home in strong winds.

Igor the huge owl is always a favourite and we managed to capture a shot of him sitting with his head turned 180 degrees. These birds are special and much loved by their owners - they reciprocate showing affection by doing their best to obey the instructions - the falcons are fitted with a radio transmitter when they are released to fly so that they can be retrieved if for some reason they don't return.

Baliffscourt from the Western side showing the collection  of buildings making up the complex.  Unloading the birds  The master with Igor 
Part of The Ballifscourt Hotel complex - from path to Climping beach  Part of The Ballifscourt Hotel complex - from path to Climping beach  Part of The Ballifscourt Hotel complex - from path to Climping beach  Part of The Ballifscourt Hotel complex - from path to Climping beach  Preparing for the Falcon and Owl display at Baliffscourt Hotel  The Master with Igor 
The birds ready for the demonstration  Igor  The Snowy Owl  Attaching the Snowy Owl to his perch  The take-off 
The Birds tethered waiting to show their paces  Igor - watching every movement in the onlookers  The Snowy Owl  Tethering The Snowy Owl  Igor and The Snowy Owl in the hands of the owners   Taking to the air
THe take off  Flying  In flight and the landing 
In flight  In flight  The reward after flight  Owl in flight - note the aspect of the wings  Coming in for landing  Landing aftrer flight 
      The Falcon  Attempting take-off  Every which way 
Landing after flight  The reward  On short final  The falcon - note the relationship between the owner and the bird   The falcon trying to take off - it tried every which direction until it finally managed to fly The falcon trying to take off - it tried every which direction until it finally managed to fly 

Walk along Climping Beach one hundred yards from Baliffscourt

Entry point onto beach from car park at the end of the road.     Reclamation of foreshore washed out over a period of time with Littlehampton in the distance. You can walk along the beach to the West in the direction of Middleton-on-Sea or East towards Littlehampton.
Access to Climping Beach from Carpark at the end of Climping Street - you can walk for miles each way along the beach Climping Beach with Littlehampton in the distance Reclamation on Climping Beach by large earthmoving machinery Finished reclamation work Looking back along Climping Beach towards Littlehampton People out enjoying the walk along Climping beach
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