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Hoseasons Boats on the Norfolk Broads

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Holiday Cottages in Cumbria, England

Contact phone numbers for help and support - England: 0345 268 1458 and Hoseasons: 0345 498 6518

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Before booking on-line, please ensure that you are satisfied with the location of the property - a map of the location for each property is displayed with the property details.

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A   Abbeytown, Ackenthwaite, Adamthwaite, Aglionby, Aiketgate, Aikshaw, Aikton, Ainstable, Aisgill, Aldingham, Aldoth, Allenwood, Allerby, Allithwaite, Allonby, Alston, Ambleside, Angerton, Annaside, Anthorn, Appleby, Appleby-in-Westmorland, Applethwaite, Arkleby, Arlecdon, Armathwaite, Arnside, Arrad Foot, Asby, Askam in Furness, Askham, Aspatria, Aughertree, Ayle, Ayside,
B   Backbarrow, Baggrow, Baldwinholme, Bampton, Bampton Grange, Bandrake Head, Bank End, Banks, Barbon, Barclose, Bardsea, Barepot, Barngates, Barras, Barrow in Furness, Barrows Green, Bassenthwaite, Bassenthwaite Lake, Baycliff, Bayles, Beaumont, Beck Foot, Beckermet, Beckfoot, Wigton, Belle Vue, Bewaldeth, Bewcastle, Biggar, Biglands, Bigrigg, Binney Bank, Birkby, Maryport, Birkby, Ravenglass, Blackbank, Blackbeck, Blackdyke, Blackford, Blackpool Gate, Blagill, Blawith, Bleatarn, Blencarn, Blencogo, Blennerhasset, Blindbothel, Blindcrake, Blitterlees, Bolton, Bolton Low Houses, Bolton New Houses, Boltonfellend, Boltongate, Bonningate, Boot, Boothby, Bootle, Bootle Station, Border, Borrowdale, Bothel, Boustead Hill, Bouth, Bow, Bowderdale, Bowland Bridge, Bowmanstead, Bowness-on-Solway, Bowness-on-Windermere, Bowscar, Bowston, Brackenber, Brackenburgh, Brackenhill, Brackenthwaite, Braithwaite, Brampton, Brampton, Brandlingill, Bransty, Branthwaite, Workington, Braystones, Brayton, Bretherdale Head, Bridekirk, Bridgefoot, Bridgend, Brigham, Brigsteer, Brisco, Broad Oak, Broadfield, Broadwath, Brocklebank, Bromfield, Brough, Brough Sowerby, Brougham, Broughton Beck, Broughton Cross, Broughton in Furness, Broughton Mills, Broughton Moor, Brunstock, Buckabank, Bullgill, Kirkby Stephen, Bullgill, Maryport, Burgh by Sands, Burn Banks, Burneside, Burnhill, Burnrigg, Burnriggs, Burrells, Burthwaite, Burton-in-Kendal, Busk, Butterburn, Buttermere, Butterwick,
C   Caldbeck, Caldbeck Fells, Calder Bridge, Calthwaite, Calvo, Camerton, Canal Foot, Cardew, Cardewlees, Cardurnock, Cark, Cark in Cartmel, Carlatton Mill, Carleton Hall, Carleton Village, Carleton, Egremont, Carleton, Penrith, Carlisle, Carr Bank, Cartmel, Cartmel Fell, Carwinley, Casterton, Castle Carrock, Castlerigg, Catlowdy, Catterlen, Causewayhead, Cautley, Chapel Stile, Chapels, Clappersgate, Clawthorpe, Cleator, Cleator Moor, Cliburn, Clifton, Clifton Dykes, Cockermouth, Cockermouth and the North West Fells, Cocklakes, Cockley Beck, Colby, Colthouse, Colton, Common End, Coniston, Coniston and Grizedale, Corby Hill, Corney, Cotehill, Coulderton, Coupland Beck, Cow Brow, Cowan Head, Cowgill, Cowranoridge, Crackenthorpe, Croasdale, Appleby-in-Westmorland, Croft Ends, Crofton, Croglin, Crook, Crooklands, Crosby Garrett, Crosby Moor, Crosby Ravensworth, Crosby Villa, Crosby, Maryport, Crosby-on-Eden, Crosscanonby, Crosscrake, Crossings, Crosthwaite, Culgaith, Cumbria County, Cumdivock, Cummersdale, Cumrew, Cumwhinton, Cumwhitton, Cunsey, Curthwaite,
D   Dacre, Dalemain, Dalston, Dalton in Furness, Dean, Deanscales, Dearham, Deepdale, Penrith, Deepdale, Sedbergh, Dendron, Dent, Distington, Docker, Dockray, Dovenby, Dowbiggin, Dowthwaitehead, Dragley Beck, Drigg, Droomer, Drumburgh, Drybeck, Dubwath, Duddon Bridge, Dufton, Dundraw, Durdar,
E   Eaglesfield, Eamont Bridge, East Curthwaite, East Woodside, Easton, Carlisle, Easton, Wigton, Edderside, Edenhall, Egremont, Ellenborough, Ellonby, Elterwater, Embleton, Endmoor, Ennerdale Bridge, Eskdale, Eskett, Eskmeals, Ewanrigg,
F   Far Arnside, Far Sawrey, Farlam, Farleton, Faugh, Fell End, Fell Side, Fenton, Ferry Nab, Field Broughton, Fingland, Finsthwaite, Firbank, Flakebridge, Fletchertown, Flimby, Flookburgh, Flusco, Force Forge, Forest Hall, Forest Head, Foxfield, Frizington, Frostrow, Furness Abbey,
G   Gaisgill, Gaitle, Galemire, Gamblesby, Gamelsby, Garlands, Garnett Bridge, Garrigill, Garsdale, Garsdale Head, Garth Row, Gatebeck, Gatesgill, Gawthrop, Gawthwaite, Gilcrux, Gilgarran, Gilsland Spa, Glasson, Glassonby, Gleaston, Glenridding, Glenridding and Southern Ullswater, Glingerbank, Goadsbarrow, Goose Butts, Gosforth, Gosforth and Wasdale, Grange, Egremont, Grange, Grange-over-Sands, Grange, Keswick, Grange-over-Sands, Grasmere, Grasmere and the Langdale Valley, Grayrigg, Grayson Green, Great Asby, Great Blencow, Great Broughton, Great Clifton, Great Corby, Great Langdale, Great Musgrave, Great Ormside, Great Orton, Great Salkeld, Great Strickland, Great Urswick, Greenbank, Greengill, Greengill Head, Greenholme, Greenodd, Greenrow, Greenspot, Greysouthen, Greystoke, Grinsdale, Grinsdale Bridge, Grisdale, Grizebeck, Grizedale, Gubbergill,
H   Hackthorpe, Haggbeck, Haile, Hale, Hall Dunnerdale, Hallbankgate, Hallsenna, Hallthwaites, Hard Bank, Hardendale, Harker, Harker Park, Harker Road Ends, Harras, Harrington, Hartley, Hartsop, Haverigg, Haverigg and the National Park Coast, Haverthwaite, Hawkshead, Hawkshead Hill, Hawkshead, Near and Far Sawrey, Haws Bank, Hawthwaite, Hayton, Brampton, Hayton, Wigton, Heads Nook, Heathfield, Heaves, Heggerscales, Heights, Helbeck, Helsington, Helton, Hensingham, Hesket Newmarket, Hethersgill, Heversham, High Bankhill, High Biggins, High Casterton, High Harrington, High Hesket, High Ireby, High Knells, High Laws, High Lorton, High Newton, High Nibthwaite, High Scales, High Seaton, High Stott Park, High Whinnow, High Wray, High Wreay, Highbridge, Hilton, Hincaster, Hoff, Holker, Holme, Holmrook, Hornsby, Hornsby Gate, Houghton, How, How Mill, Howgate, Howgill, Howtown, Hunsonby, Hutton, Hutton End, Hutton Roof, Carnforth, Hutton Roof, Penrith, Hutton-in-the-Forest, Hycemoor,
I   Inglewood Bank, Ingmire Hall, Ings, Ireby, Ireleth, Irthington, Isel, Isle of Walney, Ivegill,
J   Johnby, Justicetown,
K   Kaber, Kearstwick, Keekle, Keisley, Keld, Keldhead, Kelleth, Kelsick, Kendal, Kendal and Lakes Gateway, Kentmere, Kents Bank, Kershopefoot, Keswick, Killington, Kingmoor, Kings Meaburn, Kingside Hill, Kingstown, Kinniside, Kirkandrews upon Eden, Kirkbampton, Kirkbride, Kirkby Lonsdale, Kirkby Stephen,
L   Lady Hall, Laithes, Lakeside, Lambrigg, Lamonby, Lamplugh, Lanercost, Langrigg, Langwathby, Laversdale, Lazonby, Leadgate, Leasgill, Leece, Lees Hill, Legburthwaite, Lessonhall, Levens, Levens Hall, Lillyhall, Lindal in Furness, Lindale, Linethwaite, Linstock, Little Arrow, Little Asby, Little Bampton, Little Broughton, Little Clifton, Little Corby, Little Langdale, Little Musgrave, Little Orton, Little Salkeld, Little Strickland, Little Town, Little Urswick, Long Marton, Long Park, Longburgh, Longcroft, Longdale, Longdales, Longsleddale, Longthwaite, Keswick, Longtown, Lorton, Loughrigg, Low Biggins, Low Braithwaite, Low Cotehill, Low Harker, Low Haygarth, Low Hesket, Low Lorton, Low Moresby, Low Row, Low Scales, Low Seaton, Low Stott Park, Low Wood, Low Wray, Lowca, Lower Hawthwaite, Loweswater, Lowgill, Lowick, Lowick Bridge, Lowmoor Row, Lowther, Lupton, Lyth,
M   Macey Bank, Maidenhill, Mallerstang, Manesty, Mansergh, Mansriggs, Mardale, Marthwaite, Martindale, Marton, Maryport, Mascalles, Matterdale, Matterdale End, Maulds Meaburn, Mawbray, Meal Bank, Mealrigg, Mealsgate, Meathop, Melkinthorpe, Mellguards, Melmerby, Micklethwaite, Middleshaw, Middleton, Middletown, Midgeholme, Milburn, Mill Brow, Mill Side, Millbeck, Keswick, Millholme, Millhouse, Millom, Millthrop, Milnthorpe, Millthrop, Milton, Mirehouse, Mitchelland, Moat, Mockerkin, Monkcastle, Monkhill, Moor Row, Moorhouse, Moota, Moresby, Moresby Parks, Morland, Mosedale, Moss Side, Mossband, Mossbay, Mosser, Motherby, Muncaster, Mungrisdale, Murton,
N   Naddle, Nateby, Natland, Naworth Castle, Nealhouse, Near Sawrey, Nenthall, Nenthead, Nentsbury, Nether Row, Nether Staveley, Nether Wasdale, Nether Welton, Netherby, Nethertown, New Hutton, Newbiggin, Brampton, Newbiggin, Carnforth, Newbiggin, Penrith, Newbiggin, Ulverston, Newbiggin-on-Lune, Newby Bridge, Newby Cross, Newby East, Newby West, Newby, Carlisle, Newby, Penrith, Newland, Newlands, Keswick, Newlands, Wigton, Newton, Newton Arlosh, Newton in Cartmel, Newton Reigny, Newton Rigg, Newtown of Rockcliffe, Newtown, Carlisle, Newtown, Wigton, Next Ness, Nook, Carlisle, North Dykes, North Scale, North Stainmore, Northside,
O   Oddendale, Old Hutton, Old Scales, Old Tebay, Old Town, Old Wall, Ormathwaite, Orton, Orton Grange, Orton Park, Orton Rigg, Oughterby, Oughterside, Oulton, Ousby, Outcast, Outgate, Outhgill, Over-Sands, Oxen Fell, Oxen Park, Oxenholme,
P   Pallethill, Papcastle, Pardshaw, Park Broom, Park Gate, Park Head, Parkhouse, Parkside, Parsonby, Parton, Pategill, Patterdale, Patton, Patton Bridge, Pelutho, Pennington, Penny Bridge, Penrith, Penruddock, Penton, Pica, Piel Island, Plantation Bridge, Plumbland, Plumpton, Plumpton Hall, Penrith, Plumpton Head, Ponsonby, Pooley Bridge, Pooley Bridge and Northern Ullswater, Port Carlisle, Portinscale, Preston Patrick, Prospect, Pull Woods,
R   Raisbeck, Raise, Rampside, Raughton, Raughton Head, Ravenglass, Ravenstonedale, Ravenstown, Reagill, Red Dial, Redhills, Redmain, Renwick, Rheda, Rickerby, Rigmaden Park, Roa Island, Roanhead, Rockcliffe, Roger Ground, Rogerscale, Rookby, Roosebeck, Roosecote, Rosgill, Rosley, Rosside, Rosthwaite, Rottington, Roundthorn, Roundthwaite, Routenbeck, Roweltown, Rowrah, Ruckcroft, Ruleholme Bridge, Rusland, Rydal,
S   Sadgill, Salkeld Dykes, Saltcoats, Salterbeck, Sandale, Sandford, Sandside, Sandwick, Sandwith, Sandysyke, Santon, Santon Bridge, Sapbeck Gate, Satterthwaite, Scale Houses, Scaleby, Scaleby Hill, Scales, Ulverston, Scales, Wigton, Scalthwaiterigg, Sceughmire, Scotby, Scotch Dyke, Scuggate, Seascale, Seathwaite, Broughton in Furness, Seathwaite, Keswick, Seatoller, Seaton, Seaville, Sebergham, Sedbergh, Sedgwick, Sellafield, Selside, Setmurthy, Shap, Siddick, Silecroft, Silloth, Silloth and the Solway Coast, Sizergh, Skelsmergh, Skelton, Skelwith Bridge, Skelwith Fold, Skinburness, Skirsgill, Skirwith, Slack Head, Sleagill, Smalmstown, Smardale, Smithfield, Sockbridge, Soulby, Kirkby Stephen, Soulby, Penrith, South Dyke, South End, South Stainmore, Southerfield, Southwaite, Carlisle, Southwaite, Cockermouth, Sowerby Row, Spadeadam, Spark Bridge, St Bees, St. Bridget Beckermet, St. John Beckermet, St. Johns-in-the-Vale, Staffield, Stainburn, Stainton With Adgarley, Stainton, Carlisle, Stainton, Kendal, Stainton, Penrith, Stair, Stank, Stanwix, Stapleton, Staveley, Staveley and the Kentmere Valley, Staveley-in-Cartmel, Stockdalewath, Stoneraise, Stoneshot, Stonethwaite, Storrs, Storth, Strickland Roger, Stubb Place, Subberthwaite, Sunbiggin, Sunbrick, Sunderland, Sunny Bank, Swarthmoor, Swinsty,
T   Talkin, Tallentire, Tarraby, Tebay, Temple Sowerby, Tewthwaite Green, Thackthwaite, Cockermouth, Thackthwaite, Penrith, The Gill, The Green, The Hill, Millom, The Hill, Wigton, Thirlmere, Thomas Close, Thornby, Thornby Moor, Thornhill, Thornthwaite, Thorpe, Threapland, Threlkeld, Thrimby, Thrushwood, Thursby, Thurstonfield, Thwaite Flat, Thwaite Head, Tiffenthwaite, Tindale, Tirril, Todhills, Torver, Towcett, Town End, Townhead, Brampton, Troutbeck Bridge, Troutbeck, Penrith, Troutbeck, Windermere,
U   Uldale, Ullock, Ulpha, Ulpha and the Duddon Valley, Ulverston, Ulverston and Lakeland Peninsula, Under Loughrigg, Underbarrow, Underskiddaw, Unthank, Carlisle, Unthank, Penrith, Upper Denton,
V   Vickerstown,
W   Waberthwaite, Wadcrag, Waitby, Waitham Hill, Walby, Walton, Warblebank, Warcop, Warwick, Warwick Bridge, Warwick-on-Eden, Wasdale, Wasdale Head, Watch Hill, Watchgate, Watendlath, Water Yeat, Waterhead, Watermillock, Waterside, Waverbridge, Waverton, Weasdale, Wellington, Welton, West Curthwaite, West Hall, West Moor End, West Mostard, West Woodside, Westlinton, Westnewton, Westward, Wetheral, Wetheral Pasture, Wetheral Shields, Whale, Wharton Hall, Whassett, Wheyrigg, Whicham, Whinfell, Kendal, Whinfell, Penrith, Whinney Hill, Whitbeck, White Moss, Whitehaven, Whitrigg, Wigton, Wickersgill, Wiggonby, Wigton, Wilton, Winder, Windermere, Winscales, Winskill, Winster, Winton, Witherslack, Witherslack Hall, Wood Head, Woodend, Egremont, Woodhouse, Woodhouses, Woodland, Woodrow, Workington, Wray Castle, Wreay, Carlisle, Wythburn, Wythop,
Y   Yanwath,