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Holiday Cottages in Orkney-islands, Scotland

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Before booking on-line, please ensure that you are satisfied with the location of the property - a map of the location for each property is displayed with the property details.

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A   Abune-the-hill, Aikers,
B   Backaland, Backaskaill, Balfour, Stromness, Beaquoy, Berstane, Biggings, Bimbister, Birsay, Braeswick, Brims, Brinian, Brockan, Brough, Broughton, Broughtown, Burness, Burray, Burwick,
C   Cairston, Calfsound, Cava, Cleat, Clestrain, Clouston, Cornquoy, Corrigal, Costa, Craigiefield,
D   Deerness, Dishes, Dounby,
E   East Aith, Stromness, Eastside, Eday, Edmonstone, Egilsay, Everbay, Evie,
F   Finstown, Flotta, Foubister,
G   Gairsay, Gorseness, Graemeshall, Graemsay, Greenigoe, Grimbister, Grimness, Gritley, Grobister,
H   Hackland, Hackness, Hall of Clestrain, Hall of Tankerness, Harray, Hatston, Heddle, Herston, Hobbister, Holland, Hollandstoun, Houton, Hoxa, Hurliness,
I   Ireland, Isbister,
K   Kettletoft, Kirbister, Kirbuster, Kirkwall, Kirkwall Aerodrome,
L   Lambholm, Langskaill, Liddel, Longhope, Lyness,
M   Marwick, Melsetter, Midbea, Millbounds, Mirbister, Murra,
N   Netherbrough, Newark, North Dawn, North Ronaldsay, Northdyke, Northtown,
O   Odie, Orkney, Orphir, Outertown, Overbister,
P   Papa Westray, Papdale Kirkwall, Pierowall,
Q   Quholm, Quindry, Quoyloo,
R   Redland, Rinnigill, Rothiesholm, Rousay,
S   Sandgarth, Sandwick, Scapa, Scar, Settiscarth, Skeabrae, Skelwick, Sourin, Southtown, St. Margarets Hope, St. Marys, St. Ola, Stenness, Stove, Stromness, Stronsay, Swartland, Swona,
T   Tankerness, Tenston, Tingwall, Toab, Tradespark, Twatt,
U   Upper Sanday,
V   Veness, Voy,
W   Wasbister, Westness, Westray, Whitehall, Whitehall Village, Widewall, Work, Wyre,
Y   Yesnaby, Yinstay,